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Crafting Quality Roofs: A Challenge in Skylight Integration

Project Overview

This project, undertaken by MT Roofing Services, entailed the creation of new roofing systems for three residential bungalows, each designed to incorporate a natural slate using a meticulous nail system. The choice of natural slate not only adds to the structural integrity but also exemplifies the commitment to achieving a timeless, aesthetically pleasing result.

The Challenge

An imposing challenge confronted the project team as they set out to fit 13 Velux windows to meet exceptionally high specifications. The requirement for precision in this task amplified its complexity, making it a focal point for the project. Integrating these Velux windows into the roofing structure was paramount and demanded unwavering attention to detail.

To delve deeper into this challenge, it’s essential to consider the intricacies involved in installing Velux windows. Each window had to be strategically placed to maximize natural light and ventilation while adhering to the project’s high standards. This challenge was further heightened by the need to ensure a seamless, watertight fit to protect the interior of the bungalows.

The Solution

In response to the formidable challenge of integrating 13 Velux windows into the roofing system, the project team executed a meticulously devised solution. Their dedication and expertise shone as they went above and beyond to achieve client satisfaction and adhere to the project timeline.

The first key element of the solution was meticulous planning and a relentless pursuit of precision. Each Velux window was expertly placed, taking into consideration the specific needs of each bungalow. The project team also ensured that the installation was watertight, guaranteeing that the integrity of the roofing system remained uncompromised.

Moreover, the project team managed to complete the roofing work well in advance of the original timeline. This early accomplishment not only exceeded the client’s expectations but also created ample time for the rendering phase to commence ahead of schedule. The strategic planning, dedication, and expertise displayed throughout the project not only met the client’s requirements but also provided a solid foundation for subsequent project phases, contributing to overall project success. This early completion ensured that the rendering phase had ample time to proceed smoothly, allowing for added quality control and attention to detail, ultimately contributing to the project’s overall success and the client’s utmost satisfaction.

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Ilchester, Somerset


Re-Roofing, Guttering-Facias, Chimney-Works, Tiling-Slating

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