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Community Collaboration: Overcoming Access Constraints in a New Build Roofing Project
Curry Rivel, Somerset
In our project to construct a new slate roof for a local builder, access constraints loomed large, thanks to a bustling main road and limited parking. To overcome these hurdles, we collaborated closely with the local community. This partnership eased traffic, streamlined material deliveries, and allowed for early morning work. The result: a successful, on-time project, with a satisfied client and community.

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Crafting Quality Roofs: A Challenge in Skylight Integration
Ilchester, Somerset
Our project involved constructing new roofs for three residential bungalows, featuring natural slate on a nail system, commissioned by MMD Construction. The chief challenge lay in fitting 13 Velux windows to meet high specifications. With a solution-driven approach, the project achieved client satisfaction, adhered to the timeline, and ensured a smooth rendering process ahead of schedule.

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Elevating Comfort: Conquering Challenges in Constructing a Warm Roof
Bruton, Somerset
In our mission to construct a warm roof system over an area of 180 square meters for a private client, a tight working space and elevated building posed unique challenges. Adding complexity, a waterproof membrane on scaffolding restricted material movement. An early project start, meticulous execution, crew well-being, and strict safety measures were the keys to success, delighting the client and completing the project on time, ensuring a cozy and efficient roofing solution.

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Redefining Roofs: Overcoming Challenges in a Complex Project
Longburton, Somerset
Set for completion in July 2022, this project involved stripping existing roof coverings and replacing them with natural slate using a hook system for a private client. The challenge? A scorching heatwave and the presence of asbestos. The solution? An early start to dodge the heat, crew well-being as a priority, leading to client satisfaction and on-time project completion.

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