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Community Collaboration: Overcoming Access Constraints in a New Build Roofing Project

Project Overview

This project focuses on constructing a new roof using natural slate and is undertaken for a local builder. The aim is to deliver a high-quality roofing system that aligns with the builder’s dedication to craftsmanship and the timeless appeal of natural slate.

The Challenge

A substantial challenge faced in this project revolved around the constrained access to the construction site, primarily due to its adjacency to a main road. The limited access had significant implications for logistics, particularly concerning deliveries and the movement of construction materials. Compounding these challenges was the severe lack of parking space, which exacerbated the complexities of coordinating work.

The Solution

In response to these access-related challenges, the project team initiated a collaborative effort with the local community. This collaborative approach proved highly effective in devising strategies to alleviate traffic congestion and streamline the efficient movement of construction materials. By proactively engaging with local residents and authorities, the project commenced earlier in the day to avoid traffic peaks and optimize parking arrangements. This innovative partnership with the local community resolved not only logistical issues but also fostered positive relations. As a result, the project was completed on time, maintaining the builder’s commitment to quality while enhancing the local community’s support and satisfaction.

Project Information


Curry Rivel, Somerset


Guttering-Facias, Chimney-Works, Surveys, Tiling-Slating

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